Learn InDesign Tutorials: What's New in Adobe InDesign CS5?

InDesign CS5 book
Adobe InDesign CS5 introduces some significant changes to an already amazing page layout application. This chapter shows you what's new in InDesign CS5 so you can benefit from these changes immediately.
What you'll learn in this lesson:
  • Using the Mini Bridge panel
  • Implementing Metadata captions
  • Drawing multiple frames in a grid
  • Exploring the Animation features

Interactive Elements in InDesign CS5

Animation in InDesign

InDesign adds some significant improvements to interactive documents generated from an InDesign application. One such improvement is the ability to add motion to an object on an InDesign document. Using the new Animation panel, you can add motion paths to objects and control how they are animated in an exported .swf file. The new Preview panel makes the process of viewing how an animation will appear quick and easy.

To help with adding animation to a document in InDesign, there is a new pixel measurement available to make the dimensions more relevant to the final output destination.

Animation panel in InDesign CS5

The animation panel controls how a selected object will be animated in the final .swf file.

File Distribution

Document Fonts

An age old problem in print applications is that when you send a file to another user, all of the fonts must be sent along with the InDesign application file so that the document will appear to the other user as expected. Although InDesign has always made the process of collecting the fonts an easy one, the fonts still need to be manually loaded on the other users computer in order for the fonts to be available to the InDesign document.

InDesign CS5 offers an amazing solution to this problem called Document Fonts. When sending an InDesign document to another user, simply create a folder called Document Fonts in the same folder where the InDesign document resides. Place all of the necessary fonts into that Document Fonts folder. When the InDesign document is opened, it will automatically load those fonts on launch so that they are immediately available to that document. These fonts are available to this one InDesign document only and not to all open InDesign documents.

Buzzword Integration

As part of Adobe’s acrobat.com service, you can create Buzzword documents, a way of creating online word processing, spreadsheet, and presentation documents. InDesign CS5 takes advantage of this service by allowing you to place Buzzword documents directly from your acrobat.com account into any InDesign document. Simply choose File > Place from Buzzword, and sign in to your acrobat.com account. From there you can select the Buzzword document that you’d like to place and then flow it into your InDesign CS5 document. This is great for users who work in a collaborative workflow where writers and editors need to see the original text story and make changes to it before it goes into layout. Once finalized, you can flow the file directly into InDesign CS5. One major benefit of this workflow is that all you need to open and edit a Buzzword document is a web browser!

Self study

Go to Window > Workspace > New in CS5 so that all the new features in InDesign CS5 will be highlighted throughout the menus. Experiment with the Gap tool to see the different options available for modifying objects within a layout. Use the Mini Bridge to practice placing files into your InDesign layout. Build a file with page transitions and animations. Export the file to PDF, and then also export it to SWF.



1 Can InDesign generate Flash content?

2 Can InDesign automatically generate captions for graphics and images?

3 True or False: you can’t make a button in InDesign because the Button tool is gone.

4 Have the Rotate, Scale, and Shear tools been removed from InDesign CS5?

5 What is that circle that appears in the middle of an image when I hover over it?


1 Yes, InDesign can output directly to the SWF format or to the XFL format, which can be used to edit the files in the Flash Professional editing application.

2 Yes, using the new Live Captions and Static Captions feature, InDesign can automatically add captions to graphics and images based on their metadata.

3 False, you can still make a button using Object > Interactive > Convert to Button.

4 No, they’ve just been relocated. Simply click and hold on the Free Transform tool (FreeTransform.ai) and choose them from the resulting list.

5 That’s the new Content Grabber in InDesign CS5. It allows you to easily reposition a graphic within it’s frame without having to switch to another tool.

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